With an eclectic background, Theresa's spent more than 45 years managing, educating, and studying people with a focus on genuineness. Her gift to synthesize and apply various disciplines in many different working environments deeply informs her coaching practice. With a BS degree in Engineering Design and Economic Evaluation and a Masters’ degree in Telecommunications, both interdisciplinary programs, she spent years in the corporate world, at the Technical Director level, at both NBI and US West. Her academic service was first as an Associate Professor of Computer Sciences at Regis University and then as the Dean of Continuing Education at Naropa University. Serving as the Executive Director of the Rolf Institute competed her experience in the non-profit world.

Within the humanistic self-development disciplines, she’s studied and taught the Human Design System for the last 21 years and uses it as her primary tool for empowering her clients and students. She studied the Arica method and enneagram for twenty years, as well as Tai Chi Chuan with Jane and Batan Faigo, senior students of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing for several years.